1400 Subscribers

Thank you sincerely for all your support!

I follow a bunch of YouTubers that have more subscribers than me. Mostly in the classic VW arena which is my present obsession / niche, but this year I’ve re-branded my YouTube channel  @Good Old Mike’s Garage  for the 3rd time and added about 300 new subs to-date. I should note that I have lost a large number of subs in the process, which is to be expected when pivoting. Win some, lose some.

At the beginning of the year I set a silly goal to double my subs. When I watch the video where I announced that, I feel some embarrassment. I didn’t realize the reality that it is truly not the number of subscriptions that is the most satisfying about being a YouTuber, it is the quality of the subscribers, the friendships and connections that are created as part of engaging people with a common interest. I have gotten to know many quality people in the process and witness their sharing of their passions. This has been tremendously positive and has reminded me that there is good in our society – something that I tend to forget at times.

All that being said, 1400 is very cool, and I am excited to have broken the barrier. I just have to say that the last 400 or so is where “my people” are. Love you guys. Settle down – not like that!
Thank you to everyone how has supported Good Old Mike’s Garage. Without your support, I would not be here.

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