Goal Achieved: 183.8

As if on queue, i went from writing this article yesterday to blowing my target weight out of the water this morning.  Life is good.

As i stated earlier, the weight isn’t important, but I am setting a new minor weight goal.  I would like to weigh 185 or less fully clothed.  Sounds silly, but i would like to make that my baseline.  Since my behavior will not change, I see no reason this would not happen.  I am also in no hurry, and desire to put health first.  So, it is nice to sit back and confidently know this is will happen.  It is just a matter of time.

I do want to acknowledge that we have noted a trend where sharp declines are met with significant increases.  I do expect the normal variance to be in play, and over the next few days will see such an increase.  It is all good.  I’m not getting paid by the pound lost.  It is not a race.  I am just celebrating feeling good, and I would encourage everyone to do the same.  Have a great day!

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