Health Log: 071518

Confession time.  I had 2 cookies from Insomnia Cookies yesterday.  I had a whiskey and water at the bowling alley.  My wife made cassava tortillas with dinner last night – I had 2.  I ate 12 shrimp with my shrimp tacos and I smothered them in queso.  It was a day of abundance.

But, I also had tuna for lunch and some pistachios as a snack.  I also had a green smoothie for breakfast.

I did not expect to drop .4 lbs.  But I did, and I am grateful.  Life is good.

188 lbs is the lowest i have been this year.  I was down to 167 lbs in 2016, but we all agree here that was too low.  My present “goal” is 185 lbs.  3 to go.  My all-time high was 220 lbs.

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