People will hate you for…

Here are a quick 51 reasons people will hate or judge you:

  1. Being smart
  2. Being stupid
  3. Being arrogant
  4. Being shy
  5. Being rich
  6. Being poor
  7. Being pretty
  8. Being ugly
  9. Having nice things
  10. Not having nice things
  11. Being too good
  12. Not being good
  13. Not going to Church
  14. Going to the “wrong” church
  15. Buying an iPhone
  16. Buying an Android phone
  17. Voting Democrat (US)
  18. Voting Republican (US)
  19. Being black
  20. Being white
  21. Being asian
  22. Being latino
  23. Sharing your triumphs
  24. Sharing your failures
  25. Taking pride in your work
  26. Being gay
  27. Not being cool
  28. Talking funny
  29. Walking funny
  30. How you smell
  31. Your hair
  32. Your eyes
  33. Your skin
  34. Your weight
  35. Your age
  36. Your personality
  37. Your heritage
  38. The look on your face
  39. The tone of your voice
  40. What you drive
  41. How you drive
  42. What you believe
  43. What you say
  44. What you don’t say
  45. How they interpret what you say
  46. Doing your job
  47. Your beliefs
  48. Following your conscience
  49. Being honest
  50. Failing to belong
  51. Reminding them of themselves

In the immortal words of American philosopher, Taylor Swift, “Haters gonna hate hate hate.”

Why spend another second worrying what people will think of you?  You are special and good by nature and deserve all the blessings this life has to offer.  If you do not believe this, spend some time working on getting there.  It is a universal fact, and you owe it to yourself to believe it.

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