Electronics – Yard Official Update

YardOfficial_6_15_14It has been several months since I worked on the Yard Official project. There are several excuses for the delay and some of them are even good.  But, those aside, I thought I’d spend a couple of hours this weekend and dust off (not literally) the project and see if I could push it forward a little.

Last I left off was trying to get the IMS-1 H-Bridge modules to work with an Arduino using a test harness.  This was relatively successful and I posted a several blog entries, diagrams and videos on that challenge.  This weekend, I ported over the harness to the yard official itself and hooked up the 24 volt supply and wired up the motors.

After completing this, I had to rework the code to support control of 2 motors simultaneously – something I thought I already had loaded, but it turns out the state I left the code in only supported a single motor.

I took the following video with my mobile phone so it’s not the best quality but it does capture the current state fairly well.

Next I’m going to clean up the wiring – I’m still using alligator clips for some key connections, and work on increasing and stabilizing the current to the motors.

I am already controlling the motor speed and direction programmatically, so once the above bugs are worked out, this will start getting fun.

Electronics – Yard Official Update